Updated: 01/01/2024

This Acceptable Use Policy serves for any continuing agreement regarding the use of Reality Experience Design's technologies, services, and goods (referred to as the "Products"). Its goal is to keep Reality Experience Design, its customers, and the larger online community safe from actions that are considered immoral, careless, or unlawful.

Customers who break this Acceptable Use Policy may face consequences, such as possible account termination and service suspension. In more serious cases, Reality Experience Design might be required to notify the appropriate authorities about the violations.


As stated in our service schedules, Reality Experience Design has expanded its facilities with the expectation of regular business use. If your usage is considered excessive, you might be charged more or have your capacity limited.

Any kind of abuse, discrimination, infringement on someone's rights, or acts that cause harm to people, communities, or resources are all strongly condemned by Reality Experience Design. We anticipate that consumers will interact with Reality Experience Design's products with similar ethical intentions, as will, when applicable, their users ("end-users").


Customers are responsible for their own actions as well as the of others who use Reality Experience Design's products with their explicit permission.  This responsibility includes situations in which the customer's failure to put in place appropriate security measures results in unauthorized use.

When customers accept products from Reality Experience Design, they guarantee that all users—including their end users—follow this policy. The designated account contact will be notified of any complaints regarding actions taken by customers or end users.


Reality Experience Design retains the right to cancel any related Products or the account itself if a customer, their end-user, or anybody else using the company's products as a result of the customer's actions violates this policy. Furthermore, necessary actions might be done without warning. In compliance with applicable laws, no credit for service interruption will be given for breaking this acceptable use policy


Copyright Infringement and Unauthorized Material Access

When using Reality Experience Design's products, materials cannot be transmitted, distributed, or stored in a way that is against the law. This includes, without being limited to:

i. Without the necessary authorization, it is strictly forbidden to use any materials covered by a copyright, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual property rights.

ii. Content that is offensive, defamatory, constitute illegal threats, or in violation of export control regulations is prohibited.

All content input, uploaded, shared, sent, created, or published by customers using Reality Experience Design's products is their sole responsibility. Any works contained within such material may only be used with the express permission of Reality Experience Design.

Spam and Unauthorized Message Activity

It is against the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction to send unsolicited bulk or commercial messages, also known as "spam," using products from Reality Experience Design. This restriction includes sending spam, luring clients with spam they receive from other service providers, and gathering replies to spam from other service providers.

Furthermore, the use of Reality Experience Design's products for the management of unverified email addresses or phone numbers—also known as "messaging lists"—is prohibited. This includes storing such contact information and adding phone numbers or email addresses to any messaging list without the owner's consent. A "confirmed opt-in" standard must be followed by all messaging lists hosted by Reality Experience Design's Products, and proof of the owner's consent must be accessible for the duration of the list's existence.

The use of email lists, phone lists, or databases obtained from outside sources for spam or unsolicited messaging lists on Reality Experience Design's products is strictly prohibited.

In addition to messages sent directly through our products, this policy on spam and unauthorized message activity also covers messages sent by customers or anyone acting on their behalf from any network that direct the recipient to a website hosted by one of our products.

Unethical, Exploitative, and Malicious Activity

Advertising, transmitting, or making available any software, program, product, or service intended to infringe this policy or the policies of other service providers is not permitted with products made by Reality Experience Design. This involves starting network attacks and helping spread spam, among other things.

Other actions deemed harmful, exploitative, and unethical include:

  1. Attempting to avoid paying Reality Experience Design for service delivered.
  2. Utilizing Reality Experience Design's resources to get services from another supplier while intending to avoid paying for them.
  3. Unapproved access to, modification of, or destruction (or any attempt thereof) of customer or end-user information held by Reality Experience Design.
  4. Interference with other clients' or authorized users' use of Reality Experience Design's resources and network.
  5. Publishing or sending links or materials that threaten someone's health or safety, encourage violence, show a violent act, or feature child pornography.
  6. Any action or inaction that contravenes rules and laws pertaining to consumer protection.
  7. Breaching someone's privacy.

Any person or organization engaged in, or suspected of engaging in, activities linked to illicit gambling, terrorism, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, proliferation, development, design, manufacture, production, stockpiling, or use of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons, weapons of mass destruction, or missiles is not permitted to use Reality Experience Design's products. This encompasses any association with individuals who endorse said endeavors or objectives.

Unauthorized Use of Reality Experience Design Property

It is strictly forbidden to pose as Reality Experience Design, misrepresent a significant business relationship, or make false claims to ownership of any of its property, including its products and brand, with the intention of defrauding customers or gaining their trust.


This policy outlines actions and intentions that are considered conflict with the Reality Experience Design brand, acting as a comprehensive guide. Reality Experience Design maintains the right, at any time, to modify this policy and post the new version on its website. The updated version takes effect 30 days after it is published online or when the customer uses Reality Experience Design's products, whichever comes first.