We are an emerging leader in creating immersive AR experiences through lenses powered by Snap.

Reality Experience Design is your gateway to a world of boundless imagination and immersive encounters through the vision of Augmented Reality. We develop robust and versatile Lenses powered by Snap as our primary AR experience.

Our mission is to infuse every project with innovation, resulting in products and services that are not only awe-inspiring but also effortlessly usable. We expect that the not-so-distant-future will be designed with AR in mind, and we're excited to be pioneers in this unprecedented medium!

Our ethos is rooted in empathy and a steadfast commitment to user-centered methodologies. We intrinsically understand the importance of UX when it comes to all types of design and everyday encounters.

We recognize that the richness of our society lies in its diversity, and we wholeheartedly champion this principle. Reality Experience Design is a passionate advocate for the understanding and success of people of color, women, LGBTQ+ communities, and neurodivergent individuals. We firmly believe that the collaboration and achievements of these underrepresented groups are essential for shaping a better society for future generations.


AR Experiences

Lens Development
We use JavaScript, 2D and 3D assets, and soundscapes in our lenses to immerse the spectator from the convenience of their smart phone.
UX Design
With every lens developed, accessibility and safety is our top priority.
Graphic Design
We create social media ads and printed signage so spectators can easily access our lenses.
Bunnie Reiss' fox mural in AR.

The Fox

August 2023
219 West Grand Ave at Sweet Spot Media
Andrew Hem's Moving Forward mural in AR.

Moving Forward

August 2023
319 Main Street at Labib Funk & Associates
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